The Perez Road Business Association is a collection of small, entrepreneurial businesses often called Cathedral City’s “best kept secret”. Located on Perez Road between Date Palm and Cathedral Canyon, Perez Road Business Association is comprised of more than 200 small businesses, restaurants, art galleries, home improvement retailer, automotive after market and repair merchants, pet care, veterinarians and home furnishings companies.

This small, diverse non-profit organization is charged with connecting neighboring businesses and encouraging them to work together and became a vibrant business community.

Art lovers, do-it-yourselfers, new home buyers and pet owners are encouraged to visit Perez Road and to live, shop, eat and explore while there. Businesses welcome every guest, patron, customer and client for making the choice to support small, local businesses and appreciate all for exploring Perez Road!


To reach the Perez Road Business Association team, please contact Joshua Ryan at 971-282-7189 or by emailing